JUST ART is an exploration of the intersections between faith, art, and social justice. It’s a space for essays and film criticism, dialogue and conversation – a place to reflect on issues of privilege and oppression. JUST ART is about searching for art that advocates justice and questioning entertainment that merely reinforces the status quo. JUST ART is looking for and reflecting on art that is beautiful, true, difficult, engaging, honest, and most of all… just.

Josh Hornbeck is a playwright and theatre director from Seattle, WA. As the co-founder and Artistic Director of quiet, an interdisciplinary arts community committed to social justice, he has written and produced a number of works exploring issues of gender, class, and race including The Beating of a Warrior’s Heart, A Time for ButterfliesHeavy Lay the Chains, and Midnights at the Electric Blue Angel. He served as the writer and director of Seattle Pacific University’s touring theatre troupe and has had plays performed by Taproot Theatre Company, Westmont University, Anderlin Arts, King’s Schools, and The Word Players.

Header Image from quiet’s 2013 production of Heavy Lay the Chains, written and directed by Josh Hornbeck; set and lighting design by Caleb Ruppert; photo by Matt Hornbeck.


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