Criterion Channel Surfing, Episode 3: The Masters

Things have been a little quiet over here lately as I just launched my new podcast on over The 25th Frame. It’s called Criterion Channel Surfing and it’s a monthly podcast that explores the films of the Criterion Channel – home to the Criterion Collection’s digital library. Each episode will explore the month’s new releases and expiring titles, as well as recommendations from the Criterion Collection’s back catalogue of streaming-only titles. You can find links to all of the back episodes on my Criterion Channel Surfing page below.


It took me longer than I would have liked, but the November episode of Criterion Channel Surfing is finally ready to hit the interwebs! For this episode, I’m joined by Aaron West of The 25th Frame, Criterion Now, and Criterion Close-Up for a conversation on new and expiring releases – as well as some recommendations for films by master filmmakers that are only available on the Criterion Channel! I also speak with Michael Hutchins about the history of Criterion’s online presence, and Matt Gasteier of The Complete podcast shares some tips and tricks for using the channel across different devices!


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